Isometric Projection

Artist Statement:

Technology shows us new ways of perceiving the world around us, and reveals more about the world then we could have previously known before. It is exponentially increasing at a rapid rate from what we knew 100 years ago to the recent scientific discoveries and technological advancements of today. From the nano to the galactic, from the organic to the man made, technology allows us to observe the natural world unfolding before us like never before. This growth of human knowledge clearly has influence on the course of history.

Isaiah Berlin once said “to understand is to perceive patterns” and as we use new tools to look at the world around us we can see that emerge. It shows the interconnectedness of all things, from six degrees of separation between people in our social networks to the way fireflies flash in unison at night to the way rivers systems form and provide an ecosystems for the creatures that live in its waters.

We are only one part of a vast web of existence around us and by showing the interconnectedness of life we awaken the mind to the wonders of the world once again. This inspires a new sense of awe and ignites curiosity in our familiar environment.

The more we can perceive in the present the more we are able to choose an alternate future. The more we understand in the current moment the more possibilities we have to decide from which determine our path for the future. As Steven Johnson writes “its the adjacent possible standing as shadow future or a map of all the ways the present can reinvent itself.” These possible futures are prosperous and peaceful.

Project Overview

Title: Isometric Projection
Location: Werribee Mansion
Project Type: Installation
Commissioned by: Let Them Eat Cake Festival

Technical Overview
Duration: One night projection on New Years Day 2018
Epson 25K Laser Projector

Content Creation: Nick Azidis & Rose Staff – Projectionteknik

Video documentation: Rose Staff